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A London-based company has relaunched its internet website to provide a one-stop-shop for Britain's small and medium enterprises. was originally unleashed in February but a revamped service now claims to set up a small firm's online needs in about one minute.

Business owners can log-on to launch a personally tailored website using Quick on the Net's tool kit accessing over 170 ready-to-go website templates free of charge.

'Try before you buy' services and a 'context sensitive help' facility are all part of the site's user-friendly content specifically catering for small and medium-sized firms needing to get their business online quickly and smoothly.

Users can import company logos, background, graphics and photos with further choices in font and menu design.

Karl Drury, Director of Quick on the Net, explains:
'With Quick on the Net, you can actually own a piece of the web and publish your own content. Ownership of the Internet appears to be turning on its head, shifting away from the corporate world and moving back to risk-takers and entrepreneurs.'

All offered business sites come with a site search engine, a links page, message streamer, 'contact us' pages and extra tools such as greater bandwidth via upgrade.

Standard users of the service operate a 1Gb limit, monitored by the hour with available upgrades for 1- 5Gb per month and for 1-10Gb per month.

Prices start from £7.00 (£5.96 +VAT) for a regular start-up package with initial extras to small firms costing no more than £4.50 per upgrade (£3.83 +VAT).

The one-minute revolutionary service claims to have intelligent help and support, with maintenance of websites included in the seven pounds starter fee.

Mr Drury said at the launch of his company: 'Our philosophy is simple. We want to offer amazing products at amazing prices. We recognize that customers want great looking web solutions and easy-to-use technology.'

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