You Control the Creative Decisions

After many years of developing and improving our website service, a number of interesting characteristics have emerged about our customers. Perhaps most interesting of all, we have discovered most of our customers have no previous experience of designing and building websites.

Our website service is popular across many different business sectors, including motoring, property, accommodation, art, photography, recruitment, health, education, e-commerce and sport.

This is not a "one size fits all" solution and we put you in control of the creative decisions, so that you can truly create an original website design. Being in control does not mean you are isolated if you need help using our online services. As a starting point, you will have immediate access to a 24/7 online help system and this is backed up by free personalised help and support, if you run into difficulty. We are delighted to tell you most of the help requests we receive through our customer service system are answered within the same day, very often within minutes.

Our Website Service is Enjoyed by People of All Ages

Typically our customers work from home or work in an office environment within a small business. Many of our customers are self-employed, working as driving instructors, recruitment consultants or running chartered practises in accountancy and legal services. People also use our site builder service to create websites for sports clubs, such as youth football clubs and cricket clubs.

If you use email or social media tools, then you already have the basic skills required to create a website with us. You don't need to be a geek or a technical expert to use our site builder. Just log in, make your changes and the results are served up on the internet immediately.

We believe in using the latest web templates technology to make life easy for you, but there are real people behind the scenes who keep everything running smoothly.

How to Create a Website at Top Speed

Create a Website at Top Speed
The most powerful tools can be simple to use. We provide a site builder toolkit, website templates and web hosting all rolled into one service.
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What Do You Get?
Let's explore the full range of features offered with every website at QUICK ON THE NET.
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