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Website Design Tools for Everyone

QUICK ON THE NET offers a solution for you to design and build your own website and web hosting is included as part of the service.

Our website building tools have been created by designers, for designers. We believe our solution is particularly attractive because this site builder is extremely quick and very easy-to-use.

How to Create your Website

We offer 3 main methods for you to build a website:

  1. Website Templates.
  2. Design Your Own Site.
  3. Gift Voucher Site.

Either way, it doesn't matter which option you choose (1. or 2. or 3. above). Our website tools and features are the same, whether or not you buy one of our pre-designed web templates for business and sport, or build your own website from scratch, or purchase a gift voucher site for someone else.

What do you Need to get Started?

If you are using one of our web templates, then all you need to do is log in and add your information and upload some photos if you wish. However, if you have your own logo and you have already established your business brand, then you've come to the right place to raise the profile of your company on the internet.

Here is a quick check list of what you will need to design a website with us:

  • A logo or picture to sit across the top of your website.
  • A smaller logo to sit at the bottom of your website.
  • We supply lots of background images, but you can also add your own background picture.
  • Page pictures.
  • Gallery pictures.
  • Page text.

Remember, it's quick and simple, no programming skills are required and most of our customers have no previous experience in designing a website.

Our websites are bursting at the seams with features and there's a lot you can do through our site builder to create an engaging website for business or sport. On top of that, we would invite you to spice up your website and add widgets, such as PayPal payment buttons, embedded videos, interactive maps, calendars and language translation tools.

There's a lot you can achieve and you'll be surprised with how quickly it can all come together.

Get the Right Look for Your Brand on the Internet

Your Brand on the Internet
We strive to give you the maximum freedom over your website design decisions. If you have a creative vision for how your website should look, you've come the right place.
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Learn more about website design, email services, domain name registration, search engines and payment options.
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