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Design Features Key points on this web page:

Design Features
  • Upload your logo
  • Add a banner picture
  • Change the background
  • Add pictures for menu buttons
  • Upload photos and graphics
  • Create photo galleries
  • Add Flash slide shows
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Add payment buttons
  • Add a shopping cart

Design Your Own Website offers a solution for you to design and build your own website and web hosting is included as part of the service.

Our website building tools have been created by designers, for designers. We believe our solution is particularly attractive because this site builder is extremely quick and very easy-to-use.

How to Create your Website is a ready-hosted site builder and we offer 2 main methods for you to build a website:

  1. Design Your Own Site.
  2. Website Templates.

Either way, it doesn't matter which option you choose (1. or 2. above). Our website tools and features are the same, whether or not you purchase one of our 'click and buy' templates, or build your own website from scratch.

The web page you are currently viewing focuses on how to create your own site. For example, if you have your own logo and you have already established your business brand, then you've come to the right place to raise the profile of your company on the internet.

No Software Download

Our service is driven by powerful software which puts you in control of your own website. But powerful doesn't necessarily mean complicated. When you build a website at, our system is simple, yet it is very robust and secure.

Just to clarify, you do it all online, through your web browser and there is no need to download any software.

All you need to do is prepare your photos and logo image and a suitable size for display on the internet; and then add them to your website.

We give you access to our unique website builder toolkit through your internet browser; and it allows you to manage your own website. When you make changes and update your site, the results are immediate. And of course, because it's all online, you can make changes at a time that's convenient to you. is flexible, allowing you to add, remove or rename menu buttons, insert your pictures, or add photo galleries. In addition to modifying the appearance of your site, you can change the content at any time. is not just about creating your own website. We are also a hosting service provider and low-cost hosting is included as part of the service.

Your Brand and your Business Logo Colours

Broadly speaking, the colours are unlimited. So, you can upload JPG and GIF picture images and then apply your own style and branding. For example, you can use your own colours and styling in your:

  • Logo image.
  • Header bar image.
  • Background image.
  • Menu button images.
  • Page photos and graphics.
  • Flash slide shows.
  • Embedded video clips.
  • Fonts and page text.
  • PayPal payment buttons.
  • Favicon.

How to Get Started

Remember, it's quick and simple and no programming skills are required. In fact, almost all of our customers have no previous experience in building a website.

This web builder is simple to use and the results are immediate. If you use webmail or social media tools using your web browser, then you already have the skills and knowledge required to create a website with us.

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Website Design Templates
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Free Site Builder Trial
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Comments from Customers
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