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How to Register a Domain Name for your Website


How do I Register a Domain Name?

If you are designing your own website, we recommend that your register a domain name for your site.

It is important that you choose the right company (the right registrar). They are not all the same and many online name registration companies have hidden charges.

At Quick on the Net, we recommend 123-reg for UK domain registration, as per the instructions below.

How to Register a Domain Name

Enter your domain name precisely (after www.) and click ‘GO’.

  • Select your preferred domain name(s) and then click 'add to basket'.
  • Click 'continue' (top right).
  • To use our website service, please select 'Domain only' - you do not need to buy web hosting (because we are hosting your website).
  • Then, sign-up with 123-reg (for a new customer account) and register your domain name(s).
  • It's fast, simple and easy!

    Domain and Email Hosting

    Once again, enter your domain name precisely (after www.) and click ‘GO’.

  • Click 'add to basket'.
  • Click 'continue' (top right).
  • Please select ‘Add email accounts’ – if you wish to add email accounts on the back of your domain name e.g.
  • Remember to add a separate email account address for each name that you require. For example, sales@ and contact@ are 2 different email address accounts.
  • Please note that the email service is supported by 123-reg and not (we provide free help and support with your website hosting).
  • Finally, sign-up with 123-reg (for a new customer account) and register your domain name(s) and email account(s).

    It is important that you keep your 123-reg username and password handy, because you/we need to set up your domain when the registration is completed.

    If you already have a domain name that you wish to use, please contact us about your existing domain registration. Just tell us the precise name, extension and where it was registered. You will need your domain control panel username and password. If you have lost them, please get new password details from your registrar and then contact us.

    Just to clarify, normally there is no need to transfer your domain. You should keep it where it is and simply link it up using the instructions we give to you.

    There is no need to panic! We have done this hundreds of times before, so just take your time and follow the simple advice provided.

    How to Choose a Domain Name

    Do you need tips and advice on how to choose a domain name? We provide guidance on the decisions relating to your choice of business name versus your domain name registration:

    How to Choose a Domain Name

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