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How to Save Money on Nochex Transactions in the UK


We offer online payment integration with the Nochex payment solution. If you are based in the UK, this will allow you to take secure ecommerce payments on the internet, through your own website or your business website at

Quick on the Net Limited is officially an Approved Partner with Nochex:

Nochex Costs

Collect payments funded by all major credit and debit cards from your website. Suitable for merchants of all sizes, with no monthly fees and instant cash withdrawals - a Nochex Merchant Account provides you with the all the features, flexibility and support you need to sell profitably online.

At, we provide essential information on:

  • How to Apply for a Merchant Account
  • Nochex Payment Integration
  • How to Add a Nochex Payment Button
  • What is a Chargeback?
  • Nochex Fees
  • How to Compare Nochex PayPal WorldPay

    In association with the official Partner Scheme programme, we have negotiated an exclusive deal whereby you can save money at Nochex.

    Nochex Merchant Account Exclusive Discount Promotion
    Here is an overview of the special offer promotion which is currently available through the website you are now viewing:

    • Save £10: £40 setup fee, instead of £50.
    • Discounted processing fees: 2.7% + 20p per transaction, instead of 2.9% + 20p per transaction.

    How to Qualify for this Special Deal
    It’s simple! When you APPLY for a Merchant Account through our web pages, you can qualify for this special promotion if your application is accepted. Just to clarify, we will still connect you to the official application form at the official Nochex site, but your application will be flagged up to receive the discounted processing fees and you can also save money on the setup costs.

    In summary, this means you can save £10.00 through your initial account setup application, plus you can save money in the long run through cheaper processing fees.

    Nochex Costs

    Nochex Merchant Account
    Some of the main requirements to be considered for a Nochex Merchant Account are outlined below:

  • A maximum transaction value of £1000.
    Note - in special circumstances they will consider higher transaction value requirements.
  • Minimum monthly turnover of ~£1000.
    Note – in special circumstances and for partner referrals only, they may consider lower monthly turnovers, but these will be subject to slightly higher transaction rates and slightly increased set up fees. Once transactions increase, they will happily consider these accounts for lower transaction fees.
  • A working website, or visibility of a test website.
    Note - please advise your customer to provide us with a URL of either of the above.
  • A UK registered bank/building society account (small business bank account).
    In special circumstances they may consider an overseas customer – please contact us if required – however the customer will be liable for the extra bank charges that will be levied for withdrawals.
  • The website meets their acceptable use policy – please see below.
    Note - regularly updated at Acceptable Use.

    Online Payment Service ~#~ Nochex Payment Integration ~#~ What is a Chargeback? ~#~ Nochex Fees ~#~ Compare Nochex PayPal WorldPay ~#~ Small Business Bank Account

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