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Standard costs: Starter site

UK £ 7.00 
Starter Site
Our incredible range of site builder features, as shown here: What do you get?

Upgrade costs: Optional

UK £ 4.50 
Own Domain
To take full advantage of our website service, we recommend you register your own domain name.

Your domain name is your unique WWW. web address and we provide a worldwide website service for international domains using any domain extension. Register a .COM or a .CO.UK or a .NET, or whatever you require. It's up to you.

All you need to do is register a domain and then link it up to your new website using the instructions we give to you.

This upgrade will allow you to link your domain name to your new website at QUICK ON THE NET, to gain the best possible advantage on search engines.
UK £ 4.50 
Extra Galleries
Your starter site comes with 4 galleries as standard. This upgrade will provide an extra 16 galleries, giving you a grand total of 20 galleries.
UK £ 4.50 
Document Upload
This upgrade will allow you to upload the following types of documents into your website:

  • Adobe Acrobat: PDF
  • Microsoft Word: DOC
  • Microsoft Excel: XLS
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PPT
  • Rich Text Format: RTF
  • Plain Text: TXT

This upgrade will also allow you to convert any (or all) of your galleries into document galleries. This means you can create your own online document library in your website. You can also create links to your uploaded documents.

If you wish, the 'Document Upload' upgrade can be combined with the 'Extra Galleries' upgrade, meaning that you could have a grand total of 20 'Document Galleries'.

UK £ 4.50 
No Footer Bar

You can choose to turn off the small footer bar at the bottom of your QUICK ON THE NET website. The footer bar includes a:

  • Link to
  • Visit counter
  • Printer friendly feature

With this upgrade, you can turn off all or some of these items.

Email a link Email a link Printer friendly Printer friendly