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What makes a good Coach?

is this you?

A good coach is…..


  • Someone who rarely hears thanks or offers of help at training, but receives lots of advice before, during, and after match days.
  • Someone who makes football enjoyable.  
  • Someone who can help a child learn to take mistakes in their stride.
  • Someone who can appreciate that Adults and Children’s football are not the same.
  • Someone who knows winning is great, but not the "big picture".
  • Someone who goes to work early to finish early, misses meals, gives up his weekends, (plays havoc with family schedules) and attends meetings so that they can help out their team.
  • Stays behind after training to clear away equipment, drinks bottles, left clothing and ensures all Players are collected. Puts up nets, goals on match days. 
  • Tie's around five hundred pairs of laces during his career.
  • Makes sure everyone gets the opportunity to play.
  • Teaches young people that winning is not everything, but still lies in bed at night staring at the ceiling wondering whether they might have done anything different to have turned a loss into a win.
  • Helps to develop ability and confidence that sometimes did not exist before.
  • Someone a youngster will remember a long time after the last game has ended and the season is over.
  • Buys a people carrier / 4 wheel drive to transport all their equipment around.
  • Adopts the Dutch philosophy and finds it doesn’t quite happen at training.
  • Wonders why they ever got involved.
  • Never watches soccer am.
  • Listens to a Parents explanation of how Jose Mourhino got it tactically right at yesterdays Chelsea game. (hinting at why cant you do that)
  • Loves football and their team.

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