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What is expected of ME?

The recently launched independent campaign – ‘Give Us Back Our Game’ outlines the key challenges facing youth football:


  • The change from street football to regulated football has resulted in a game ‘controlled by competitive adults’
  • This can result in an over-focus on results versus fun and development
  • Children are regularly omitted from the game via controlled substitutions
  • Not enough free play where children can solve problems, try new skills and express themselves.


As parents, if we're looking to develop a positive attitude in our children, we would do well to watch our own behaviour at matches;


  • Do we give positive encouragement, or critical judgmental remarks?
  • Do we show a calm demeanour, or heated overreactions to mistakes?
  • Do we praise participation, or match statistics, or the final score?

"Next time you go to a match, remember, your attitude is showing, and your kids are watching” - Darell J. Burnett - Clinical & Sport Psychologist

Get into Football

“All I want is the best for my Kids.” – Jo Hugger, junior football coach & Mother of four


What should young children expect?
A few things that your Child should expect from our Club


When Sunday Comes!


Youth footy feature
Parent pressure
Are our poor old coaches being put under pressure from parents to produce winning results?


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.
Develop the Person - Develop the Player

An article by John Allpress; National Player Development Coach , The FA.


What makes a good Coach?
is this you?

Want to get involved? Read the job synopsis if you think you fit the bill email here to find out more.


“I started as an unsuspecting Parent, but I get back a lot more than I put in and have more fun than I ever thought I would.”Watford Youth Sports Coach, unnamed


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