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Tips and hints on coaching techniques

Total enjoyment from football

When players are motivated practicing their sport, they'll learn more from it, and therefore, become a better football player. So our aim is to get as much pleasure from football as possible. From football training the most enjoyment can be gained in situations where players can score as much as possible and also have to defend. On a full size pitch children don't have enough touches on the ball and therefore don't learn enough.

So we suggest that children up to the age of 11 should play games with smaller sides and on smaller fields. This way they become more in contact with the ball and in match-situation this improves their vision.

Many repetitions

Repetition is an important aspect in the process of teaching football. Practice, practice and practice again. Doing the same thing over and over again, which was in the early days the case in the street.

In training this means:

  • Many repetitions
  • Not having to wait
  • Sufficient balls and goals, etc.
  • Good planning and organisation
  • Quality coaching

Good coaching

Contrary to former street football training, matches are accompanied by adults. However, this isn't always successful. It is a pity that youth football is often compared with football played by adults. Often there are instructions given by coaches that the children don't understand.

That's why it is important that coaches understand how children experience football and that they know how to make things clear to the children.

Teaching football, coaching football, requires a lot of knowledge and understanding of the game.

Paul Coopers Small Sided Games

Following a sucessful coaching day on 6th October

Please find details of small sided games here

Get into Football

"This is about their ambition, not mine" - Ikhlaq Hussain, Community & Futsal team Manager

Soccer Coaching International
New coaching magazine and website, Soccer Coaching International, the complete coaching experience!
Grass Roots Coaching

www.grassrootscoaching.com is a one stop, revolutionary online football coaching resource that is designed to help coaches motivate their players to enjoy training and playing by providing:

  • Hundreds of interactive 4D animated football drills that visually demonstrate drills and sessions – 87% of all information is taken in by the eye
  • Drills and practices that are searchable by skill, technique and age group category
  • Coaches Chalkboard – an innovative easy to use online design tool that allows coaches and managers to easily design their own drills, set pieces and formations
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Footy 4 Kids

One day the gaffer of my young son's soccer team either retired or just gave up (I can't remember which) and the club approached the parents for a volunteer to run the team. For some reason, I put my hand up and - hey presto! - I was a youth soccer coach!

Better Soccer More Fun

Street Soccer for the next generation.

Inspired by the Dutch Vision.

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