Watford Youth Sports
Watford Youth Sports

Players Code of Conduct

Players are expected to follow all guidelines and rules laid down by the constitution and the code of conduct.

Respect and look after , all training and playing areas , at all times.

Play because you enjoy football , not to please anyone else.

Players must accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance during practice and match days , and ensure that they represent Watford Youth Sports in a positive way.

Players must consistently display high standards of behaviour.

Players must always adhere to the positive aspects of the sport and show respect to match officials , opposing players , opposing managers and supporters.

Players must appreciate the importance of striving to win , not winning itself.

Players should make every effort consistent with fair play and the laws of the game , to help his / her team win.

Players should accept success and failure , victory and defeat equally.

Players should make every effort to improve their own skills and technique.

Players should make every effort to attend club training sessions.

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