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Website Design and Hosting Reseller Programme


Do you have a Reseller Programme?

Yes, we have a Reseller Programme for Website Designers and an attractive Referral Programme for everyone.

If you have a creative eye for design and style, this is your opportunity to take advantage of our unique Reseller Programme. It's an opportunity for you to build websites using our easy-to-use website builder tools and make money from your creative talent.

To help you on your way, we will give you a free website. It's a buy one, get one free deal! At a glance, the scheme embodies the following key features:

  • You have at least one of your own websites on our low-cost monthly payment plan, which includes the web builder tools and hosting service. If you want, this could be your portfolio site.
  • You can charge your clients (customers) a fee for your web design service. The price you charge is entirely up to you. In fact, we are not involved and you should reach a pricing agreement with your clients.
  • You get a free demonstration site, or demo site. You can think of your demo site as a non-business site, which you can use for testing, trying out new ideas, or building a 'proof of concept' site for your own prospective new business clients.
  • You can enjoy the full benefits of our Website Builder Referral Programme when your client signs up to In fact, your referral bonus benefits are not limited to your own clients. You will benefit if any new customer credits you as their referrer.
  • Free help and support for both you and your clients. Make full use of our excellent help tools and please contact us if you have any problems at all.
  • Your customers can enjoy the benefits of when you're finished doing the design work. They get a username and password, so they can log in, add information, edit the web content and maintain their own site. It's quick, easy and simple! Of course, this leaves you free to concentrate on your creative services.
  • This scheme is not limited to the UK. We welcome designers and creative people from across the globe and we already have an expanding customer base on the European mainland, Eastern Europe, the Republic of Ireland, the US, Canada and Australia. In support of our global efforts, we trade online using five major currencies: British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar.

    Your Website Design Fee
    Remember, this is the fee which you charge to your clients and we are not involved at all. The price you charge is entirely up to you. We are often asked how much should I charge ? It's impossible for us to put an exact figure on it, but the bottom line is you should determine your hourly rate and then estimate the number of hours of work involved. Also, make an allowance for some modifications and then you should reach a fair price.

    It is important to ascertain exactly what work and services you are providing to your client. For example, at a basic level, it just might involve:

  • Simple web design, using an existing client logo, client photos and text. Easy!

    Whereas, a more advanced service could involve:

  • Logo design.
  • Background design.
  • Picture menu buttons.
  • Supporting web page graphics.
  • Photography.
  • Art direction.
  • Art working.
  • Photo library search and selection. Hot tip: please see Online Digital Photo Library.
  • Copywriting.
  • Search engine optimisation, or SEO. Hot tip: please see Search Engine Keywords.
  • E-commerce integration with WorldPay, PayPal, Nochex or another payment page service provider.
  • Domain registration. Hot tip: please see How to Choose a Domain Name.
  • Email setup.
  • PPC advertising management using Google or Yahoo Search Marketing.

    By the way, you can use your own website to collect payments for your services. Once again, we are not involved, so this is down to you. For example, you could take a 50% deposit fee online, or charge the full amount online, using WorldPay or PayPal.

    Remember to keep your cost proposal clear and simple. The web can be a confusing place, so we recommend that you keep it simple and make it easy for your customers.

    Your Free Demo Site
    We want to encourage you to get the most from your demo site. Please use it to experiment and try out creative ideas on the web. If you're doing a pitch to a new business client, you can use it to present your initial design concepts. Or, why not take it further, finalise your design ideas and seek final approval from your client?

    When your client signs up to and you would like to pass on your demo site to your client and make it live, that can be arranged. When that happens, we will award you with a completely new demo site. The only caveat here is that we will not enable the 'own domain' upgrade on the client site until the point at which your client is fully signed up with us.

    Technically speaking, a demo site is a 'starter site' without upgrades and you can purchase low-cost upgrades at any time.

    Your Client Websites
    Remember, you are not just developing a website and this is not just website design. It's much more than that. Your client can benefit from our website management tools and maintain their own site when you are finished. This means your customers can add new web pages, edit content and change information without going through you. It's great for both you and your clients, since you will be seen as adding value to your creative services.

    You are welcome to create a link back to your site from your client's home page. You should clarify this with your client, but most people are cool with this arrangement.

    What Skills Do I Need?
    The most important skill required is creative talent. You do not need technical skills, but you need to have an eye for design. If you are designing a logo, resizing photos and creating graphics or animations, you will need a graphics software package. We use and recommend Adobe Photoshop, but there are other cheaper options to consider. As long you can create a JPG or GIF at a specific pixel size, then you're on your way.

    Our web builder tools are extremely easy to use, so you can apply your creative tools with ease. This makes ideal for you, if you're a graphic designer, photographer, print designer, artist, painter or illustrator. It's also ideal for creative agencies and design studios.

    We have helped hundreds of websites and businesses to start up and go live on the internet and we believe this scheme could help you on your way to running your own small business as a designer.

    How do I Qualify?
    We have 3 simple rules.

    1) You must have at least one paid-up live website with us.

    2) You must demonstrate your creative skills and design and build a visually engaging website with us.

    3) You must not pitch your design services to other website owners at

    How do I Apply?
    Easy! Just try our site builder today and then check out our low-cost website prices, where you can sign-up. It only takes a few minutes and we look forward to seeing you come onboard.

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