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When you build a website at, we will submit your site to all of the major search engines for FREE, including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

When your website is finished, we will create a link to it and subsequently, your site URL will be indexed by the search engines free of charge. This means that your website can be listed on search engines using its own domain name. When you are completely finished and ready to go live on the internet, simply contact us and we will arrange the submission for you as soon as possible.

If you have not finished building your website and it is still under construction - and you cannot wait, you can use the website links below to submit your website right now:

Add your URL to Google - 100% Free. More details on How to Add to Google.

Submit Your Site to Yahoo - this is also a completely free service, but you do need to have a Yahoo account.

Bing (MSN or LiveSearch)
Submit your Site to Bing - previously known as Live Search or MSN, from Microsoft, this is completely free.

How Does it Work?
You can think of a search engine as a directory millions of websites, or more importantly, hundreds of millions of individual web pages.

Search engine databases are created by internet robots called spiders. When your website is visited by a robot, it becomes indexed. Various terms are used to describe this process, but it means that your site has been:

  • Indexed
  • Crawled
  • Spidered
  • Listed

    Google Search Engine
    Before you submit your site, why not check out the Google search results, to see if your web page is already indexed? Just enter your entire domain name, including 'www' and the domain extension e.g.

    Only Submit Your Home Page
    It is not necessary to submit every individual web page on your website. Just submit the home page and the robots (e.g. Googlebot) will take care of the other web pages.

    Website Changes and Updates
    You will tend to find that your website is indexed every month or so. In other words, as you make changes to your site and add new pages or delete pages, these changes will appear on the search listings roughly every 3 or 4 weeks (later).

    With that in mind, it is recommended that you bring your website close to completion before you consider any form of search engine submission.

    Keywords and Keyword Planning
    We could write all day about this subject, but the most important advice is do not over-do it. Just describe what you do in plain and simple English and do not try to overload your web pages with keywords: Search Engine Keywords. If your pages are stuffed with keywords (known as 'keyword stuffing'), this will actually work against you.

    How Long Does it Take?
    How long does it take to get your website listed on a search engine? There is no precise answer and no guarantee, but based on our experience, the first listing will take anywhere between a few days (sometimes a few hours) and 3-4 weeks. Easy!

    What about all the other Search Engines?
    There's no need to worry. If your URL is indexed by the Big 3 (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft: Bing / MSN / Live Search), it will be farmed out to all of the other major search engines through the existing networks. With that in mind, you should be very wary of submitters that claim to be able to submit your site to thousands and thousands of search engines. Such services are an absolute nonsense and you should save your money and simply redirect your marketing spend.

    Pay Per Click
    This web page is actually referring to the non-sponsored listings and we are not talking about Pay Per Click, or PPC. Do not underestimate the power of PPC website promotion. It can be extremely cheap and quick. It is particularly helpful during the early days, if your even website has not been fully listed.

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