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Do you have a Referral Programme?

Yes, we have a Referral Programme and an attractive Reseller Programme for Website Designers.

At Quick on the Net, a very high percentage of new sales come from 'word of mouth' referrals. People like using our site-builder service and we value this method of promotion.

This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for spreading the news about Quick on the Net. It's also an opportunity for you to indirectly make money from your website.

This is not a high-tech Referral Programme and it does not rely on cookies or complex technology. In fact, like everything we do, it's quick, simple and easy!

You can refer another client by any method, including:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Text message
  • Letter
  • Fax
  • Or word of mouth

    What do I get?
    If you put forward any clients for a new website and they subsequently sign-up to Quick on the Net, you can receive a free month on your monthly payment plan.

    If you are on a single payment plan e.g. 1 year term, we will provide the bonus free month at the end of your term, when your website reaches its renewal date. In other words, we will pop another month onto the end of the term, free of charge.

    If you have more than one website with us, in the interest of generosity, your bonus will be based on your highest value monthly payment in your website portfolio at Quick on the Net. In other words, we will provide a free month for your most expensive website.

    The amount awarded is equivalent to the monthly value of the referred sale, but not greater than the value of your own monthly payment. To illustrate this point, here are 3 example scenarios:

    1) You already pay $25.00 per month and your referred client also pays $25.00 per month, so you receive a free month worth $25.00. Nice and simple!

    2) You already pay $25.00 per month and your referred client pays $18.00 per month, so you receive a discount worth $18.00 on your monthly payment.

    3) You already pay $18.00 per month and your referred client pays $25.00 per month, so you receive a free month worth $18.00.

    How do I qualify?
    We have 2 simple rules.

    1) To qualify, you must be an existing client and have a live website with us.

    2) Our sign-up form (checkout form) contains the following question:

  • How did you find out about Quick on the Net?

    To qualify, the referred client (the new customer) must mention your name (as the referring website owner) in response to this question during the sign-up procedure.

    And that's it! We'll take it from there and contact you promptly.

  • The free referral bonus is awarded when the referred party pays their second monthly payment.
  • We cannot reward referrals by another method.
  • We cannot accept retrospective referrals.
  • We cannot reward a referral partner 'after the event', if the new client has not mentioned your name in the sign-up form, as outlined above.
  • Referral bonuses are not awarded to websites which have originated under the free website for charity initiative.
  • Referral bonuses are not awarded if the referred party receives a free website design.

    There are no limits
    There is no cap on this scheme! This initiative is unlimited and you can qualify for and receive as many referral bonuses as you like.

    Thank you for your support

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