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Pay Per Click Keyword Research for Google AdWords


Keyword bidding and search keyword selection is very competitive. If you do your keyword research and get it right, you can save a lot of money and bring new customers to your business website.

When it comes to keyword marketing, the trick is to find the multi-word combinations that people use most frequently when searching online for a product or service.

The solution is to take some of the guess work out of choosing the right mix of keyword phrases for your own website, or moreover, the phrases which are most relevant to your business sector.

With keyword management, it is important to think about phrases, rather than individual keywords. In simple terms, a keyword phrase is 2 or 3 words combined to create a popular search term.

Free Research Tools
The most popular search terms can often be the most lucrative. The following tools can help you make your selection:

Google UK and US: Keyword Tool

Be creative with your selection and see if it is possible to place certain keyword phrases back-to-back to create multi-word phrase opportunities.

For example, ‘Summer Holiday Flight Deals’ contains the following phrases:

  • Summer Holiday Flight Deals
  • Summer Holiday Flight
  • Holiday Flight Deals
  • Summer Holiday
  • Holiday Flight
  • Flight Deals

    Pay Per Click Advertising with Google AdWords
    If you want to promote your website on the internet, one of the cheapest and most effective methods is pay per click advertising on Google search engine, renowned to be the most successful search engine in the world.

    Commonly known as Google AdWords, the online ads connect you with new customers at the precise moment they are looking for your products or services.

    With this form of pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising, you create your campaign, write your own ads and choose your own keywords to help drive traffic directly to your site.

    Search is the fastest growing advertising market and you can bring new customers directly to your business website. What's more, it can be inexpensive, because you only pay only when someone clicks on the adverts.

    How much does it cost?
    The scheme is designed to fit companies of all sizes or budgets and you have full control over the costs. For example, you set the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) and daily budget amounts. The back-end systems automatically monitor the advertising rates to ensure you never pay more than you want to.

    When it comes to price, in the Google Ads programme, the cost of your campaigns really depends on you; how much you are willing to pay and how well you know your customers. It all boils down to knowing your own goals and applying them to your account.

    You pay only for clicks on your keyword-targeted AdWords ads or for impressions on your site-targeted AdWords ads.

    You can control your prices by selecting how much you are willing to pay per click or per impression and by setting a daily budget for spending in your account.

    Daily budgets also start as low as a penny or a cent, right up to whatever limit you feel comfortable with spending.

    How long does it take?
    It all happens very quickly (we are talking a few hours/days) and it is important to mention that you can remove or change your advert listings at any time.

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