How to Optimise your Website for Search Engines

Websites created at can perform extremely well on search engines, so please read on if you wish to optimise your site and monitor your search engine rankings.

Getting Listed on search engines is just the starting point; and performing well on search engines is normally a much greater challenge. Customers at can enjoy excellent performance on search engines and we will be happy to guide you as part of our website service.

The good news is that websites created using this site builder can perform very well on search engines by default. In other words, our customers can attract a lot of search traffic because we have already done a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

If you want to take it further, we will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Let's look at the key issues:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To keep things simple, we have highlighted 4 topics:

  1. Optimise Your Site.
  2. How to Get Listed on Search Engines.
  3. Improve your Search Engine Rankings.
  4. How to Monitor your Performance. let's explore these points in more detail:

Optimise Your Site

It is a good idea to plan and build your website around your preferred keywords. Choosing the right keywords, creating keyword phrases and understanding how to plant those words within your site are the key ingredients for SEO.

When you sign-up at, if search engine planning is very important to your business plans, just send an email on the day you sign-up and we will be happy to send you useful tips and advice to help you get started.

The important point here is that you might wish to create a keyword plan at the very beginning, rather than phase it in later.

How to Get Listed on Search Engines

All websites built at can get listed on all of the major search engines, free of charge. We are talking about Google, Bing (MSN / LiveSearch), Yahoo and many others. To help you get started, we have provided free links to the most important search engines, so that you can add your website:

Add your URL to Google - 100% Free. More details on How to Add to Google

Submit Your Site to Yahoo - this is also a completely free service, but you do need to have a Yahoo account. 

Bing (MSN or LiveSearch)
Submit your Site to Bing - previously known as Live Search or MSN, from Microsoft, this is completely free. 

The Big Three

What about all the other Search Engines? There's no need to worry. If your URL is indexed by the Big 3 (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft: Bing / MSN / Live Search), it will be farmed out to all of the other major search engines through the existing networks. With that in mind, you should be very wary of companies that claim to be able to submit your site to thousands of search engines; and charge money for the submission. In our opinion, such services are a waste of money.

Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Often described as off-site SEO, the trick here is to get keyword phrase links back to your site from other websites, in order to boost your search engine ranking. Once again, we will be happy to guide you on how to move forwards.

Furthermore, as a customer at, we will automatically create keyword links to your website, in order to improve your search engine prospects. We do this as part of our website service and no action is required on your part.

How to Monitor your Performance

We support Google Webmaster Tools (Google Verification), Google Analytics (Website Verification) and Alexa (Site Verification).

It can be very rewarding review your search engine activity. There are free tools which take the guesswork out of the entire process and help you to plan for the future. We all have ideas on what keywords we think are important, but the search engine statistics can reveal the actual search strings people have used on search engines to click through to your site.

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