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QuickontheNet.com is a place where you can design and build your own website. That's what almost all of our clients do! It's quick and easy and hosting is included as standard. And what's more, you do not need any technical or programming skills.

We can also do the creative work for you. Based in London in the UK, please contact us if you would like our company to take care of the web designing for you. We have created designs for customers all over the world and you can pay using the British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar or Australian Dollar.

As a pricing guide for your local currency, £250 (British Pounds Sterling) is approximately:

• 365 Euros
• 485 US Dollars
• 570 Canadian Dollars
• 600 Australian Dollars

Designing for the web has never been this cheap, yet quality is not compromised at any time. Unlike most web agencies, there is total visibility to our charges and here is our simple price list:

When you use any of the services 1), 2), 3), 4), 5) or 6), you must subscribe to our low-cost monthly payment plan, which includes web hosting and use of our designer site-builder toolkit. Prices start at only £7.00 per month (or £6.09 plus VAT).

1) Free Website Design

We design, host and build your website and use your existing business logo.


2) Logo Design

An engaging logo to attract attention in your business sector.


3) Picture Menu Buttons

Designed and uploaded with roll-over effects to complement your brand colours.


4) Animated Page Graphics

Developed to blend in with your overall creative concept.


5) Photo Preparation

Using special effects, your photos stylised and resized for the web for optimum speed.


6) SEO and Website Design

Outstanding SEO and it includes any 2 items above worth £500 for no extra charge.

£1,000 (includes any 2 items from above)

7) SEO for Non-QuickontheNet Sites

Built, designed and hosted by you; we deliver exceptional SEO results.

From £1,000

The detail behind each section is provided below:

1) Free Website Design
You can't get cheaper than FREE and that's the starting price for our website design services. This unique free service is available worldwide and has proven very popular with our online website builder clients in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia New Zealand, and many other countries around the globe.

We have helped hundreds of small business firms go online on the internet through this unique scheme and you could be next. If you're ready, we're ready!

To enhance the free website design service, we offer a pick and mix selection of designer options below:

2) Logo Design for £250
A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's start with some examples:

Garden Shop Logo

Japanese Artist and Sculptor
Art Gallery Website

Health & Safety Services
Health & Safety Consultancy

For an extra £50, we can produce a reprographics version of your logo which is suitable for print. It will be fully scaleable, to reduce for printing business cards and letter heads, or increase the size to display on a large poster or on the side of a vehicle.

3) Picture Menu Buttons for £250
By default, this feature is turned off in our websites and you can use our site-builder to create flat coloured buttons in any colour scheme of your choice. It's very fast, simple and easy!

However, the picture menu button feature is available to everyone and like many things at QuickontheNet.com, it's FREE. So, this means you can add your own graphical menu buttons to your site for no extra charge.

You can have 3 different graphics for each menu button:

• On
• Off
• Roll-over (when the mouse passes over the button)

Let's have a look at some example menus:

Landscape Photography Gallery
Panoramic Landscape Gallery

Original Stained Glass Window Designs
Stained Glass Window Designer

Shop Online for the Best Laptop Price Discounts
Discount Laptop Shop

So, just to clarify, if you want to create and add your own buttons, that does not cost anything. If you want us to do it for you, we charge £250.

4) Animated Page Graphics for £250
These are produced as animated gif images and they are designed to blend in with your over all web design and compliment your logo and brand image. We use typographic imagery (typography) to create these graphics. To put into friendlier language, we use stylish fonts and text effects.

The animated images can also be combined with static images to great effect. The price is based on 5 animations and 5 static images.

The animations can loop and play continuously, or build and assemble only once on-screen and then remain static. We recommend continuous looping sequences for maximum online effect.

Here we have presented a few examples:

Animation Domain

Recycling Solutions

Waste Recycling Solutions in Ireland

5) Photo Preparation for £250
At it's simplest, this is about resizing and cropping your photos for use on the internet. We will save them at the optimum resolution and colour palette to make sure they load quickly and look dazzling.

However, we will also take it a stage further. Using the colours in your logo and corporate brand, we will enhance the photos by applying special effects, embossed overlays, frames, cut-outs, curved edges, shadows, rendered lighting, colour enhancement, dissolves or whatever it takes to make your images look stylish.

Again, please don't worry about the terminology. All you need to know is that we will provide a creative design service to make your images look stunning.

Don't worry if you haven't got photos, because you can pick them up from the online digital photo library for only $1 each.

Here's a couple of live examples:

Medical and Healthcare Website Design Photo Preparation

6) Search Engine Optimisation and Website Design for £1,000
The full breakdown of this service is only available as a Microsoft Word proposal document upon request. Free of charge, it includes any 2 of the design services priced at £250 above. So, for £1,000, you get SEO, website design and for no extra charge, any 2 of the items labelled 2), 3), 4) or 5) above worth £500.

As part of the proposal, we can show you real case studies which feature QuickontheNet.com customer sites appearing at the top of search engine listings on all of the major search engines, including Google, MSN and Yahoo.

With the right planning and search strategy, your website at QuickontheNet.com can rank extremely well on search engines. We are talking about the non-PPC (pay per click) or non-sponsored listings and we use a totally unique and proven system to deliver incredible results.

It is not a black art and we never try to fool the search engines. It is a creative process in its own right and we build our internet system around your preferred keywords. We also expand on your ideas to develop unique multi-word keyword combinations for your business sector that you haven’t even thought of, regardless of how well you know your business. To put it another way, you know your business and we know the internet search business and we build on your knowledge.

Developing a successful SEO system can be notoriously slow and unpredictable. By contrast, our techniques have worked every time and the entire process is remarkably quick.

7) Search Engine Optimisation for Non-QuickontheNet Sites from £1,000
Once again, the full breakdown of this service is only available as a Microsoft Word proposal document upon request. This service is for websites which are designed and hosted by you or your web design agency i.e. it is specifically for non-QuickontheNet sites.

Perhaps you are thinking "why is it the same price as No. 6) above, which includes £500 worth of creative design services"? The reason is quite simple. With this service, we have to liaise with you and your programmers and provide recommendations to ensure that your website performs extremely well on search engines.

Whereas, with No. 6) above, it is much quicker for us to actually do the SEO work, rather than explain what needs to be done to a third-party.

Once again, we can show you non-QuickontheNet.com sites appearing at the top of search engine listings on all of the major search engines, including Yahoo, Google and MSN. The results are impressive and our clients' websites dominate the rankings in highly competitive sectors, including travel, entertainment, film and computing.

What about e-Commerce?
No problem. We can guide you on how to add your own payment buttons, using PayPal, WorldPay or Nochex. If you would like us to do it for you, it is charged, but so far everyone has managed to add their own payment buttons and it is not very difficult. You can use your own currency to collect payments from your customers and clients.

A range of payment options is offered, including single payment, shopping basket (shopping cart), subscription-based payment for annual, weekly or monthly payments, and donation options.

What about Video?
It's simple and we could not make it easier if we tried. There is absolutely nothing to pay if you want us to add a few videos for you. If you want us to add lots of video clips, that is chargeable.

However, it is not difficult to do it yourself and you will find it pretty easy to embed your own videos and create keyword searchable video gallery films with your own movie tags.

Why use our Services?
Remember, we do not offer straight web development and this is not just website design. It's much more than that. You can benefit from our website management tools and maintain your own site on the internet when we are finished.

This means you can use our site-builder to add new web pages, edit content and change information using the toolkit without going through us. It's totally unique at this budget price-point and we believe it adds outstanding value to our creative services.

Briefing the Work
• In terms of creativity, we normally produce 2 or 3 creative concepts and you have the opportunity to request 2 or 3 revisions (changes or modifications).
• Our work is based on your design brief. If you completely change the brief when the work has started, that can lead to additional costs. We will play fair and we acknowledge that there is a degree of change within every job.
• We will help and guide you to share ideas and determine the creative direction of your project.
• Every brief is different and there is not a definitive set of guidelines.
• We will never copy another design, but you are welcome to refer us to logo creations and competitor websites which appeal to you.

• If your website exceeds 20 web pages (top-level pages), a separate quote may be required.
• Copywriting is not included as part of the above services and a separate quote for your copywriting needs is provided upon your request, on a case-by-case basis.
• Prices exclude VAT for UK clients. To calculate if VAT is applicable to you, please visit our prices page.
• Payments received are not refundable.
• 50% is payable to initiate a project.
• 50% is payable upon completion.
• The typical turnaround time is 1-4 weeks. If you can move quickly, then so can we.
• Travelling and out-of-pocket expenses may be charged.
• The preferred payment method is BACS (online bank transfer).
• Cheque payment facility is available.
• Online payment via credit/debit card is offered (5% surcharge is applied).

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