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How to Watermark a Photo Image or Picture


When you create your own photo gallery website on the internet, the only safe way to protect your photographic image rights on the web is to place a watermark over each photo image or picture, using photographic editing software.

What about the Right Click Trick?
Perhaps you have already visited image gallery websites which have the right-click (right mouse click) disabled, to prevent people from saving (from stealing) images without permission. Forget it! This method is a nonsense and it will give you a false sense of security. In fact, it is not at all secure and it is so easy to download images on the internet from websites which use this unreliable technique to stop people from copying and saving pictures.

Watermarks are Safe and Secure
It is for that very reason that all of the world's leading photo image library stock websites, such as the iStock photo library (for photographers, artists and designers), use a secure watermarking technique. To put it simply, watermarking each individual picture is the only way to protect your online image rights. This means that the mark itself is embedded on the picture or photograph and cannot be deleted, removed or retouched.

If you wish to sell your photos on the internet, there is added value in using a watermarking system. Your customers can preview your watermarked images, click and buy online using PayPal - and then you can send the customer the original image, without the watermark. This could be an electronic image, such as a high-resolution JPG file, or a framed print, depending on what type of business you are running. Your should of course remember to keep a safe offline copy of your originals, before you start adding watermarks.

Watermark software is considered ideal for:

  • Photographs and photographic images.
  • Art and electronic artwork.
  • Illustrations.
  • Painted images.
  • Logo designs.
  • Craft and card craft pictures.
  • The list goes on...

    Visual Watermark at is photo watermarking software for digital photo protection. This photo watermark software places very strong watermarks that no one can remove.

    The software is quick and easy to use. Your digital photos will be effectively protected from unauthorised use. The key features of this software download are:

  • Batch mode: protect a photo group of any size at a time. So, you can watermark lots of photos in one session.
  • Protect photos, independent of their original format - Visual Watermark will process them all.
  • Edit your watermarks in a convenient graphical interface.
  • Create watermarks out of a logo graphic, text and EXIF values.
  • Save watermarks for future use.
  • Apply filters to watermarks: cast shadows, add contours, glowing effects, gradients and much more.
  • Create semi-transparent watermarks, which reveal the original image underneath.
  • Rotate watermarks for photos.
  • Make watermarks more detailed for better protection.
  • Write your data to EXIF.
  • Adjust the size of photos.
  • Pack your photos into the PDF format (PDF files) for better protection.

    The download is available in 3 formats:
  • Free Trial: Size = 2.37 Mb, for Windows XP, 2000 and 98.
  • Business Version: US$59.95 (can be used for commercial purposes).
  • Personal Version: US$34.95 (CANNOT be used for commercial purposes).

    Payment is accepted using Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, bank/wire transfers and PayPal.

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    Personal Photography

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