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How to Resize your Photos Online


The information and useful tips presented on this web page are helpful if you are building your own website using, or using any other site builder solution.

Whenever you download your own photos from your digital camera to your computer, they will be very large in size. Typically, they will be between 2,000 pixels and 5,000 pixels wide. That is much too big for use on a photography gallery website, if you consider that most of the people in the world browse the internet at only 1024 pixels wide.

To put it another way, if you try to display photos at 5,000 pixels wide, the average user is only going to see around 20% of each image, because 80% will be off to the right (and bottom) of the screen area.

It will make your website unfriendly for your website visitors and it will be very difficult for people to navigate around your site.

You can expect the very same issue if you use images straight from a flatbed scanner. Once again, they will be much too large to use on the internet and they will also need to be resized.

What is the Right Size?
We recommend that you make your gallery photos between 300 and 400 pixels wide. Normal page photos can be between 100 and 400 pixels wide.

There are significant advantages to this principle. Your website will look much better and perhaps more importantly, your photos will load and display quickly on screen.

In summary, you should make your photos a smaller size before you upload them to your site.

How to make Photos Smaller
If you want to make your website more-friendly for your website visitors, you should shrink and resize your digital camera photos and make them much smaller.

There are 2 key ways to do this:

  • Resize Online using the Internet
  • Use Software on your PC

    1. Resize Online for Free
    This is a quick and easy solution from giving you instant results and a visual display of your new-style smaller photos, along with the opportunity to crop the saved image. Please go to the site and follow the simple instructions on screen:

    Resize Online for Free

    ...if you make your photos 480 pixels wide, they will still look great on your website. OK, we acknowledge that this is a touch larger than our recommended sizes above. You should aim to make sure than none of your images are greater than 500 pixels wide.

    Please do one image at a time, save each image on your PC and finally, upload each small image to your website at It's Easy!

    2. Use Photo Editing Software
    Very often, you can use your photo editing software which is supplied free with your digital camera, such as Canon ZoomBrowser EX.

    Or, you can use more sophisticated software, such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Elements
  • Macromedia Fireworks
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Corel Paint
  • Google Picasa

    You can also use Microsoft Paint, but the tools are rather limited.

    We use Adobe Photoshop, the preferred choice in the world of website design. It is without question, the industry standard tool and it will allow you to manipulate and retouch your images prior to uploading them to your website. It's also very good at creating graphical picture menu buttons.

    Google Picasa : Photo Organisation Software
    Again, this is a completely free solution. Picasa comes with a bunch of editing tools and it will allow you to resize your images in groups or batches.

    Tips for Photo Management
    Handy tips for preparing your images for, or any website builder software tool:

    Tip 1: Always keep a safe copy of your large images in a separate directory on your computer. Make a directory called 'Web' and store all of your small images there.

    Tip 2: Using Windows XP, just double click on any photo to see how it looks (without zoom). This is actually how it will appear on your website, because what you see is what you get. Also, if you hover your cursor over a filename, it will tell you both the width and depth pixel sizes.

    Tip 3: Always use legal filenames i.e. do not use any special characters or letter spaces and only use the following characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789.

    Tip 4: Please just use a-z characters and/or 0-9 numbers with no spaces.

    Tip 5: Save each photo as a low or medium quality JPG image.

    Tip 6: If you make any photo smaller and upload it using the exact same filename, you can overwrite the picture. Then, just refresh your browser to see the smaller photo.

    Tip 7: In fact, you must always refresh your browser whenever you change any uploaded image.

    Useful Photography Links

    Compare Digital Camera Prices ~#~ Create your own Horizontal Picture Gallery ~#~ How to add Code ~#~ Free Photo Editing Software

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