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How to Build a Video Gallery


Building your own video gallery website could not be easier than this. At, we give you the tools to make your own searchable video galleries and create a dazzling website while you're at it.

The internet world is going absolutely crazy about online movies and now you can be part of it. This is your opportunity to unleash your creative potential. It's also an opportunity to make money, so read on to find out how to generate income from this unique business idea.

It's quick, simple and easy. We provide the online toolkit for you to embed video clips within your web pages and this means that you can easily integrate the playback capability from any of the world's leading free service providers, including:

  • YouTube (
  • GoogleVideo (
  • YahooVideo (
  • Metacafe (
  • Vimeo (
  • iFilm (
  • Break (
  • ClipShack (
  • Sharkle (
  • Clip a Day (
  • The list goes on and on...

    In fact, you can add the film clip sequences from any third-party playback provider which offers embed code (embeddable code). We are independent, so you choose your own provider, or even several providers, if you wish. The videos are actually uploaded through the playback company and then the clip is embedded within your site. So, this means we host your website; and behind the scenes, they are hosting the videos.

    Therefore, the videos appear to play directly within your web pages, just like this example: video gallery. There is no need for pop-ups; and both you and your customers do not need to install any software downloads or add-ons. However, your visitors will need a Flash plug-in, but this is normally installed 'as standard' on all modern computers. Or, you can get the free RealPlayer, to play embedded QuickTime clips. Just like Flash, the QuickTime player, or RealPlayer is available as a free download with the Google Pack software collection.

    At a glance, the following key features are offered at

  • 4 galleries provided as standard and you can create lots of videos in each gallery.
  • Upgrade to 20 galleries, if you want.
  • Completely searchable, allowing your web visitors to search for clips based on your own tags or keywords.
  • Use all of our regular web building features to add your own logo, photos, information and text.
  • It's perfect for business users, sports clubs and personal websites.
  • Register and use your own internet domain name.
  • Feature your own website on search engines. All of our websites are indexed by all of the world's leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • For no additional charge, add your own advertising banners and Google AdSense adverts to generate income from your site.
  • In other words, you can think of your vids as a new form of advertising.

    Building a Gallery
    Firstly, you need to buy a website at When you have signed-up with us, here is a snap-shot summary of what you need to do:

  • Go to 'Galleries & links' and name your galleries in the left-hand column. Set 'Thumbnail' to 'No' and 'Link' to 'None' and then 'Save changes'.
  • Now, go to 'Menu and page type' to name your menu buttons. Use the left hand 'Page type' column to connect your menu buttons to your video galleries.
  • And that's the setup complete! Now you are ready to add videos.
  • Go to 'Galleries & links' and click on 'Edit/add items' to embed the videos. We recommend that you embed your film clips in the 'Intro text' and the 'Main text'. For the benefit of searching, put your tags and descriptions into 'Main text' area.

    Embedding a Video
    It's easy and we simply could not make it any easier for you:

  • Click on 'HTML'.
  • Paste in the embed code.
  • 'Update' and 'Save'.
  • And that's it, you're done!

    You can do your embedding on a regular web page in 'Pages', or within the 'Intro text' and 'Main text' on each gallery item.

    Business Videos
    What does this all mean to you?

    For starters, you're thinking "When on earth am I going to find the time to organise my own video shoot? I don't have the time, the budget or the resources."

    The good news is that lots of video content is freely available on the internet. If you choose the right sources, you can stay on the right side of copyright infringement laws; and please remember, companies like YouTube staunchly support copyright laws.

    To put it all in a nutshell, film means movement and action; and that means that people will sit up and pay attention to what you have to say.

    Maybe you already have lots of ideas on how you could incorporate this idea into your website, but if not, here's a few suggestions to get you thinking:

  • You run a restaurant, so using your own movie sequences, provide an online guided tour around your restaurant facilities and its private function rooms.
  • As a property estate agent, boost the sales potential of your properties by showing buyers the film clips of your most attractive properties and luxury apartments.
  • You are a recruitment consultant, so offer professional career tips on how to achieve success in a job interview.
  • As a quality car dealer, offer an online test drive of your top-selling sports cars and for your business clients, present your executive luxury saloons. Shoot your own movies, or why not embed videos which are freely available on the internet?
  • You run a hotel, and now you can provide panoramic films of your guest rooms and hotel suites. You can also offer short videos of your lounge, bar and guest facilities.
  • You manage a sports club or a football team, so this is your opportunity to present some movie clips of your team in action.
  • You rent a holiday home, so produce an interactive guided tour around your property and its guest rooms.
  • As webmaster of your school website, you want to upload film clips of your school and its facilities. You could also feature some footage of real school team projects in action. The kids will love it and the parents will find it appealing.
  • You run a bed and breakfast business, so this is an opportunity to present your guest facilities, restaurant and guest bedrooms. Also, why not consider shooting some footage of your local tourist attractions?
  • As a driving instructor, you can show action clips of real students learning to drive and provide tips on tricky driving manoeuvres, such as reverse parking, or the dreaded emergency stop.
  • You own a pub, nightclub, bar or catering business, so increase your sales potential by producing online panoramic videos of your public lounge areas and private function rooms.

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    Start and Create
    Are you ready to show your customers what you can do? The possibilities are simply amazing and it's great fun. Join us today and get started by building a website right now.

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