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Website owners in the United States, the United Kingdom and around the world are jumping at the opportunity to integrate their websites with Google Checkout, Google's secure online payment service.

Buyer / Shopper
Google Checkout is a solution for both buyers and sellers in the UK and around the globe. To get familiar with the terminology and keep it nice and simple, you can think of buyers simply as users, end-users or shoppers and sellers as merchants or stores. As a buyer, you can shop online with confidence. Buyer protection is provided and the fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorised purchases. Read the full terms for more details. Your purchase history and your full credit card number is never shared with sellers. It is very handy to track order status and shipping in one place and there is no need to create multiple accounts and passwords. In summary, it is fast, safe and convenient.

Seller / Merchant
The rest of this web page primarily deals with the payment service through the eyes of a seller, merchant store or online shop.

This is not just a payment solution for the small guy. Big retailers like Toy "R" Us, and have already integrated with this new payment solution and many other live examples are published on the website.

Google, the world's favourite search engine has been dressed up with new eye-catching ads which contain the Google Checkout badge as part of the advert. When you login, you have the option of placing the badge next to each AdWords ad linking to your website account.

We are referring to sponsored advertising, or PPC (pay per click) as it is known. These ads can 'stand out' on the search engine results listings and look particularly colourful.

Invoice Payment
If you're in business, you can use the service to send an invoice to your clients to request online payment. The invoices you email to your buyers will contain a personalized message from you regarding the requested payment. The invoices will also contain a 'Pay now through Google Checkout' button. When buyers click this button in your email message, they will go through to Google Checkout, where they can complete the payment process.

Customer Service
Google has built its reputation on excellent products and outstanding customer service. As a vendor or merchant, you have access to a useful help and FAQ listing when you are logged into your account. This is backed up by the merchants forum where you can post a question online to the forum. If you prefer to browse through a blog, look no further than the official blog, to read the latest news for sellers. In addition, within the toolkit itself, there is also a contact form for further help and support.

Phone Number
As a merchant, you have the option of displaying your telephone number on the payment page itself. Of course, this can be very helpful for customers, but some small business owners may prefer to keep their phone details private.

View this handy video clip now for a product overview:

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