Driving School Web Templates ~ How to Create a Driving Instructor Website

Are you ready to build your own driving school website? This is fast and easy! In fact, we believe it cannot be made any quicker, simpler or cheaper than this.

This is an opportunity to attract more learner driver students to your school of motoring (SOM). Whether you operate your business alone or you manage a team of driving instructors, this website will scale up or down to meet your requirements. What's more, the end result looks highly professional and it can be customised to suit the needs of your local business.

1) Start
So, you start here: Driving Instructor Website Templates.

2) Finish
And when you are finished, you can have your own driving instructor website: Driving School Website.

This is a website builder and we offer two main methods for you to create a website:

1) Web Design Template
This option is ideal if you are just getting started and you need a website solution with the minimum amount of fuss. Just tell us the name of your business - and using our unique web templates, you can be up and running on the internet in no time at all. To get started, you can buy this web design template and the price starts at only £7 per month (other currencies on offer: US $11; Euro €9; Canadian $14; Australian $16).

The cost is very cheap, but the end result looks slick and professional. You can actually turn off the link to QuickontheNet.com (a.k.a. 'No footer bar') and hide the fact that this is a low-cost solution.

2) Create your own Website Design
You can take it a stage further and use our site builder for building your own website from scratch. This option is perfect if you have your own business logo and branded design scheme.

Either way, it doesn't matter which option you choose, because you still get full access to our web builder toolkit, whether or not you choose to purchase one of our creative 'click and buy' templates, or build your own site from scratch.

Key Features List
The key features are listed below:

  • Do it all online, through your web browser. There is no need to download any software.
  • Web hosting is already included as part of the service.
  • The colours are unlimited.
  • To help get you started, we offer ready-to-go colour schemes, but when you sign-up, you can create your own unique colour scheme.
  • You can change the style, layout and content of your site at any time.
  • We provide you with a car logo (car profile business logo).
  • If you prefer, you can insert your own driving school logo.
  • You can upload your own photos (perhaps a few photos of your car).
  • You can create click-through photo galleries.
  • You can embed videos and create a searchable video gallery.
  • You can add PayPal payment buttons and take online payments from your customers.
  • You can embed a clickable interactive Google Map for your business region.
  • We offer flat-coloured menu buttons as standard. You can also upload pictures/images to be used as menu buttons.
  • Your website includes a contact form, so new customers can get in touch with you.
  • It also includes 'site search' and 'email a friend' features.
  • We have prepared a selection of standard menu items for your driving school website; but you can change, delete or insert new menu items.
  • For example, if you offer 'Motorway Tuition', 'Instructor Training', 'Pass Plus', or whatever, simply add these menu items to your website.
  • We offer free help and support services.
  • We cannot say it enough times, but this solution is quick and easy.
  • When using the ‘own domain’ upgrade, our customer websites enjoy excellent performance on all of the major search engines, including Google, Bing (MSN) and Yahoo.

    Mobile Phone Websites
    Available as an upgrade, it runs on the back of your domain name:


    ...this is a low-graphics version of your website which has been which is optimised for display on a mobile phone (cell phone) or PDA.

    For example, here is the normal website, running on a standard URL, web address, or domain name: www.drivinginstructorwebsites.com
    Driving Instructor Websites

    Here is the URL web address to the mobile phone version: www.drivinginstructorwebsites.com/mobile/
    Mobile Phone Version

    With quick loading pictures and simple navigation, it has been designed to be fast and easy-to-use on a small screen hand held computer or phone.

    The beauty of this unique system is that you don't need to worry about it. Just update your normal website (for your computer screen) and your mobile phone website will take care of itself. In other words, it is served up on your handset in a format which is easy to read and quick to navigate, even on the smallest screens.

    How good is it? There is simply nothing like this in the motoring industry and the results are quite brilliant. Check it out for yourself by looking at these demo examples:

    Normal Version: Driving Instructor Web Design ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile Phone Version
    Normal Version: Driving School Web Templates ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile
    Normal Version: Driving Schools ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile Phone Version
    Normal Version: Driving School ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile
    Normal Version: Driving Instructors ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile Phone
    Normal Version: Driving School Web Template ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile Phone Version
    Normal Version: Driving School Templates ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile
    Normal Version: Driving Instructor Websites ~#~ Mobile Version: Mobile Phone Version

    Driving School Websites at QuickontheNet.com
    Here are some real examples of template-driven sites created using our web builder solution:

    Falkirk School of Motoring
    Kegworth Driving School
    Driving School in Kent
    Driving Lessons in Plymouth

    Similarly, listed below are live examples of unique sites, created by their owners (not by us), using our web design tools:

    Belfast in Northern Ireland
    Instructor in Milton Keynes
    Falkirk in Scotland
    Driving Standards Agency Approved Instructor

    International Solution
    QuickontheNet.com is a global solution. Pay us in your local currency and then customise your driving instructor website to suit your own needs. This makes our solution ideal for customers in the US and Canada.

    UK and Ireland
    For added speed, we have created 3 creative design schemes, based around the classic red L Plate icon, a car wheel image and a stylish car profile logo:

    Red on Silver
    Red on Black
    Red on White

    Again, we offer 3 creative solutions, based around the classic yellow L Plate icon, a modern car wheel image and an engaging car logo. We can accept your payment in Australian Dollars, with prices starting at only Aus $16 per month:

    Yellow on Silver: Australia Driving School
    Yellow on Black: Driving School Australia
    Yellow on White: Driving Instructor Australia

    New Zealand
    Once again, 3 professionally designed website solutions are available for your driving school business. We can accept your payment in Australian Dollars or US Dollars.

    Yellow on Silver: New Zealand Driving School
    Yellow on Black: Driving School New Zealand
    Yellow on White: Driving Instructor New Zealand

    Add Videos
    You can also add videos to your site. For example, as a driving instructor, you can show movie action clips of real students learning to drive and provide tips on tricky driving manoeuvres, such as reverse parking, or the dreaded emergency stop.

    Start by uploading your own video movies to a free video host like YouTube.com, Yahoo! Video or MetaCafe.com. Then, simply embed video in your QuickontheNet.com web galleries.

    Add PayPal Buttons
    Broadly speaking, there are 3 different types of PayPal button you can consider:

  • Buy now buttons for a single-item purchase.
  • Add to cart buttons for multiple-item purchase (also known as 'Add to basket' or 'Add to trolley').
  • Subscription buttons for recurring payments e.g. weekly, monthly, yearly.

    An online Shopping Cart is also known as a:

  • PayPal Shopping Basket
  • PayPal Shopping Trolley

    How do I sign-up?
    1) Sign-up and create your own website design at QuickontheNet.com.
    OPTIONAL: 2) Please note that you only need PayPal if you want to take online PayPal payments from your site. Sign-up and open your own PayPal account. During the registration process at PayPal, you will need to sign-up for a Business Account or Premier Account (not a Personal Account).

    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

    Web Links
    How to Register a Domain Name ~#~ Shopping Cart Software ~#~ How to Choose a Domain Name ~#~ PayPal Shopping Cart Website Templates ~#~ How to Build a Video Gallery ~#~ How to add Code ~#~ How to Build a Video Website ~#~ Create a PayPal Website ~#~ Driving Instructor Website

    Promote Your Driving School Business
    Are you ready to show what you can do? Are you ready to increase your sales and drive more customers to your school of motoring through the internet? The possibilities are simply amazing and it's great fun. Subscribe today and get started by building a website. And remember, web hosting is included as part of this unique service.

    And finally, let's not forget what this is all about; we are talking about promoting your business and bringing new customers to you!

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