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Domain Name Registration for Website Design


Are you looking for domain name registration for your new website design?

Broadly speaking, there are 2 main ways to use your own domain with your Quick on the Net website design:

1. IP Pointing (our recommended method)
2. Web Forwarding (URL masking)

1. IP Pointing

What are the Advantages of IP Forwarding?

This method is also known as:

  • IP Redirection
  • IP Address Pointing
  • IP Address Redirection

    If it is important that your site is listed and indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, then 'IP Pointing' is by far the best way to link up your domain with your Quick on the Net website.

    When you use 'IP pointing', your 'page titles' change as you click and navigate your way through your site. Your 'page title' is the text information displayed in the blue bar (in Microsoft Explorer) at the very top of your browser/screen, just above your file menu. At Quick on the Net, to make it easy for you, we automatically take the name of your website along each web page heading and display it in the 'page title'.

    So why is this important? Search engines love 'page titles' and they can determine what appears whenever your website is listed in a search engine like Google. What's more, when you use 'IP Pointing', it is possible to have multiple pages of your website indexed and listed with different 'page titles.'

    In order for 'IP Pointing' to work effectively, your domain provider (please see recommended providers below) must allow you to point the 'WWW' record in the 'DNS' of your domain to an 'IP Address', which we will specify. Typically the entire process takes between 2-48 hours to implement.

    In summary: If you have a business website and you feel search engine performance is important to your business, then the 'Own domain' upgrade which uses 'IP Pointing' is the recommended method for linking your domain up to your Quick on the Net website.

    2. Web Forwarding

    What are the Disadvantages of Web Forwarding?

    This method is also known as:
  • HTTP Forwarding
  • URL Forwarding
  • URL Masking
  • Domain Masking

    When you use this method of linking your domain with your Quick on the Net website, you do not have to pay an upgrade fee to us. In other words, you can do it with a 'Starter site' without purchasing any of our upgrade options.

    However, when it comes to search engine performance, there are disadvantages to this method of linking up your domain to your Quick on the Net site. Firstly, it is possible that your forwarding domain might not appear on search engines at all. Secondly, you may have the same 'page title' for every page of your website. 'Page titles' are critical for keyword searching, so it is better to have a collection of useful keywords spread across your entire site. Thirdly, your meta keywords (or site search keywords) and your meta description (short website description) from your toolkit will not be picked up by search engines.

    There is one other point, which is really more of an irritation than a serious problem. With URL masking, whenever you link off to another site, the URL remains displayed within your browser in the web address bar.

    In summary: If you have a business website and you do not feel search engine optimisation is important to your business, then you could consider using the 'Web Forwarding' method for linking your domain up to your Quick on the Net website. Equally well, if you have a family website (or a personal website), then 'Web Forwarding' might be the right solution for you.

    What else do I need to know? You need to be careful when you choose a domain provider, because some will charge you for additional services, such as 'Email forwarding'. In our experience, the list of domain providers below offer attractive prices, backed up with a pretty good service.

    Most domain providers do not charge anything for 'IP Pointing' or 'Web Forwarding'. To the best of our knowledge, the following domain providers do not charge for these services:

    For clients based in the UK:

    How to Register a Domain Name

    Enter your domain name precisely (after www.) and click ‘GO’.

  • Select your preferred domain name(s) and then click 'add to basket'.
  • Click 'continue' (top right).
  • To use our website service, please select 'Domain only' - you do not need to buy web hosting (because we are hosting your website).
  • Then, sign-up with 123-reg (for a new customer account) and register your domain name(s).
  • It's fast, simple and easy!

    Domain and Email Hosting

    Once again, enter your domain name precisely (after www.) and click ‘GO’.

  • Click 'add to basket'.
  • Click 'continue' (top right).
  • Please select ‘Add email accounts’ – if you wish to add email accounts on the back of your domain name e.g.
  • Remember to add a separate email account address for each name that you require. For example, sales@ and contact@ are 2 different email address accounts.
  • Please note that the email service is supported by 123-reg and not (we provide free help and support with your website hosting).
  • Finally, sign-up with 123-reg (for a new customer account) and register your domain name(s) and email account(s).

    It is important that you keep your 123-reg username and password handy, because you/we need to set up your domain when the registration is completed.

    For clients based in the US:

    US domain hosting and registration

    For clients based in the Australia and New Zealand:

    .COM.AU now available! Only $11.99 at!

    Register domains for website design...

    Low Cost Names

    Important notes regarding domain hosting and registration:

  • You do not need to buy a hosting solution from your domain name provider, as your website will be hosted by as part of our service.
  • However, you may wish to buy a business email package with your domain, so that you can create business email accounts e.g.
  • Email forwarding will be organised through your domain provider (normally through the domain control panel), not through
  • When you have purchased your website and bought your internet domain name, we will advise you on what you need to do to make your domain work with your site.
  • Free domain enquiries: Feel free to contact us regarding your domain registration enquiries.

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