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Compare Prices on Price Comparison Websites


If you're shopping around for the best price on the internet for electronic goods for the home or office, before you part with your hard earned cash, there are a number of handy websites to visit and do a quick price check.

You can think these banner adverts as your price comparison search engine tools for electronic equipment. If you already know the design, make and model you want, then it will be very fast, simple and easy. The links below should provide the lowest costs along with direct access to product reviews from real customers.

It doesn't matter if you're planning to buy online or if you intend to shop on the high street, you can double-check the cost of goods here.

The Big 5 are:

  • Deal Time
  • Kelkoo
  • Price Runner
  • Shopping (
  • High Street Web

    They use a mix of sponsored links and independent non-sponsored sites. In summary, if you run a check across the 5 sites, we believe you will be hard-pushed to find a better deal!

    You will often find the prices level out, with the same bargain deal being offered on more than one website, but equally well, sometimes one site is offering access to a unique special discount.

    Price checker for products designed and manufactured by: ~ Apple ~ Canon ~ Sony ~ Kodak ~ Olympus ~ Nikon ~ Fuji ~ Panasonic ~ Casio ~ HP ~ Minolta ~ Samsung ~ Pentax ~ Vivitar ~ Konica ~ Kyocera ~ HP ~ Fuji Film ~ Argus ~ Canon Ixus ~ Finepix ~ Bell Howell ~ Concord ~ Polaroid ~ Coolpix ~ Hewlett Packard

    Local language country based and regional websites available for ~ Denmark ~ Sweden ~ Belgium (FR) ~ Belgium (NL) ~ France ~ Germany ~ Italy ~ Netherlands ~ Norway ~ Spain.

    How do I find the best price?

    Compare Prices

    Let’s say you are looking for the very latest designer digital camcorder. At the website home page, you can search for 'digital camcorder' in your search box, or browse through the main categories under the search box. You will find digital camcorders by clicking on the category 'Photography'. Two more clicks at 'Digital Camcorders' and 'Show all Digital Camcorders' and you will get a list of all the DigiCam products on PriceRunner. Then click 'Show prices' to see the list of retailers selling the product. The 'Direct link' will take you directly to the product on the retailers page.

    Price Comparison

    Mobiles, Electronic Goods, Cameras and Camcorders is an eBay company and is one of the fastest growing shopping destinations on the Internet with around 7 million visitors a month in the UK driving traffic to millions of product designs through nearly a thousand top retailers including most high street names.

    It deals with the biggest name brands at the best price, including: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, Samsung, Sharp, Pioneer, Casio, Kodak, Konica, Olympus, Apple, LG, Logitech and Netgear.

    Get the best deals for free on:

    ~ Business Flights ~ Holiday Deals ~ Travel ~ Appliances ~ Books ~ Clothing ~ Office Computers ~ Laptops ~ Printers ~ Electronics ~ Mobiles ~ Office Phones ~ Music CDs ~ Video DVDs ~ Software ~ Video Games ~ Cameras ~ Camcorders ~ Digital Camera Accessories ~ Memory Cards ~ Broadband Deals ~ Plasma TVs ~ New Cars ~ Used Cars ~ Washing Machines ~ Video Recorders ~ Fridges ~ Dishwashers ~ Flat Panel TV Screens ~ DVD Drives ~ Car Hire ~ Cosmetics ~ Fragrances ~ Accessories ~ Cartridges ~ Projection Kit ~ Portable Projectors ~ Printer Ink ~ Nintendo DS ~ Xbox ~ PS2 ~ PS3 ~ GB Advance ~ MP3 Players ~ iPods ~ Consoles ~ Toys ~ Home and Garden ~ Barbeques ~ DIY ~ Garden Furniture ~ Wine ~ Flowers ~ Jewellery ~ Gifts ~ Gadgets ~ Sports Gear ~ Fashion ~ Lingerie ~ Power Tools ~ Gardening Equipment ~ Finance ~ Insurance ~ Bills ~ Loans ~ Home Insurance ~ Gas and Electricity ~ And Much Much More! ~

    Compare Prices UK

    Website Design Prices ~#~ Compare Digital Camera Prices ~#~ Compare Hotel Prices ~#~ Camcorder Prices ~#~ Compare Laptop Prices

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