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Build a Website with FREE Mozilla Firefox


Now you can create a website using the FREE Mozilla Firefox software download.

Start Right Now: Build a Website

Web Browser Solution
How? Use a PC or a Mac; it's up to you. You do it all through your favourite web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, and there is no need to download any extra software. Or, you can use Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 9, or IE 8, or even earlier versions of IE), Opera or Safari. It's your browser, it's your choice. Again, it's up to you.

OK, to avoid confusion, let's be clear. Firefox is free and is a place where you can design and build your own website for a small monthly charge.

1) Download Firefox

Downloading the browser software is quick and easy and you will automatically get the very latest version. You can download Firefox for free using the small banner link below:


Got it? OK, now let's create a new website.

2) Build a Website is a ready-hosted site builder and we offer 2 main methods for you to build a website:

  • Create Your Own Site
  • Web Templates

    2a) Create Your Own Website

    Our website building tools have been created by designers, for designers.

    Get Started Now: Create Your Own Website

    The feature list is far too long to describe here, but let's just say you can add your own logo along with your photos and create click-through galleries. We offer flat-coloured menu buttons as standard, but you can also (for no extra charge) upload pictures/images to be used as menu buttons.

    The colours are unlimited. To help get you started, we offer ready-to-go colour schemes, but when you sign-up, you can create your own unique brand and design scheme.

    Your website includes a 'contact form', so new customers can get in touch with you. It also includes a 'search bar' and 'email a friend' features. Everything is searchable within the site itself and more importantly, searchable on the world's leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and countless others.

    What makes our product particularly attractive is that our website building tools are quick and simple to use.

    2b) Use a Website Template

    We also offer a range of ready-designed 'click and buy' stylish website templates for business use and sport.

    Designs: Website Templates

    Logo Design
    The designs have been created by professional designers and the sites already contain stylish business logo graphics. You will notice the templates already include a useful collection of menu buttons. Plus, you can also add, remove or rename the menu options to suit your exact needs. 

    Creative Solution
    There are many things which make us different, but we wish to highlight one important point. Unlike other template-driven solutions which force you into a particular design scheme whether you like it or not, we have done everything we can to give you as much creative freedom as possible, so that you really can design your own website.

    In other words, you can use one of our templates as a starting point; and then customise it for your own use. For example, you can add your own business logo, upload your own background image, or add images to be used as menu buttons. The choice is yours.

    Create Your Own Website ~#~ Download Firefox

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    Website Design Templates

    Website Design Templates
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    How to Create your Website
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