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What is affiliate advertising?

What is an affiliate advertising program? An affiliate program is a banner advertising service which links and transfers website visitors from your website to your advertiser's site. It can therefore increase sales through your site and boost your traffic and search engine performance by pulling in search engine traffic looking for your chosen advertiser's website.

Commission is paid by the affiliate advertising site for each referred sale. And what's more, it's completely FREE to Join!

How does it work?
Imagine the following scenario:

Company A = Advertiser (this would be your website)
Company B = Merchant

  • Company A participates in an Affiliate Advertising Programme
  • Company B participates in an Affiliate Merchant Programme
  • Company A has a website
  • Company A places an affiliate banner advert on their website on behalf of Company B
  • Customer visits Company A’s website
  • Customer clicks on affiliate banner advert
  • Customer is redirected to Company B’s website
  • During the redirection, an affiliate cookie is placed on customer’s computer (customer is not aware or informed of this)
  • Customer makes a purchase on Company B’s website
  • The cookie records the sale and Company A is paid a commission on the sale

    Many organisations operate affiliate programmes for advertisers and merchants, but one of the best-known schemes in the UK is operated by Affiliate Future. Lots of high-profile businesses and retailers participate in affiliate programmes through Affiliate Future, including:

  • Going Places: Holidays and Flights
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • CD-WOW
  • Direct Holidays
  • Maxim Magazine
  • …and many others

    It's completely FREE to Join!

    Affiliate Future is a leading European provider of performance based marketing solutions and affiliate programs.

    Affiliate Future wants you!
    Affiliate Future is looking for affiliates that have sites targeted towards webmasters and developers or contain general information on site services - such as submitting to search engines.

    Improve your website
    Having links to Affiliate Future gives you advantage - besides earning referral commissions. You are now offering your visitors more complete and professional package, which will give them added value.

    Spread the word about Affiliate Future!

    Tips on how to boost traffic:
    In order to earn as much as possible, remember it's important to keep updating and improving your web site, so that visitors will keep coming back. Try putting up some news at least once a week, register the web site on different search engines and make sure you read our other hints about how to boost traffic to your web site.

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