How to Add Widgets & Gadgets to your Web Page

Our websites are bursting at the seams with features and there's a lot you can do through our site builder to create an engaging website for business or sport. On top of that, you can spice up your website by adding widgets and gadgets to your web pages, completely free of charge. Please read on to find out more:

How does it Work?

The trick here is to paste code (often described as embedding the code) onto your web pages, in order to add a new dimension to your site. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this phenomenon is that all this stuff appears to be part an integral part of your website, yet all the wizardry is being pulled from other websites.

Put simply, these widgets and gadgets are driven by other internet service providers behind the scenes, even though they actually appear on your site when people view your web pages.

Add Sparkle to your Website

You can easily make your website more dazzling and interactive by adding some code to your web pages. The possibilities are endless and we have highlighted a few examples below:

  • Facebook Like Box.
  • Twitter widget.
  • YouTube video.
  • QR code.
  • Flash slideshow.
  • Interactive clickable map.
  • Interactive calendar.
  • International online translator.
  • The list goes on and on...

How to Embed Code on your Web Page

Firstly, we recommend you log into your website toolkit using Google Chrome.

Here are the detailed steps for adding code to your web page:

  1. If you are editing a 'Page' or a 'Gallery' item, just click the small 'HTML' button (on the right-hand side).
  2. Now 'Paste' your code into the window.
  3. Click 'Update' and 'Save' (at the bottom).
  4. Now you should preview your website to see the results.

Important: please note that some code (e.g. PayPal payment buttons) will only look correct on screen and operate properly when you preview your website (i.e. look at your actual web page; and not look at the pasted in code through the website toolkit in 'Pages').

Real Examples of Gadgets & Widgets

The simplest way to understand how this works is to look at some real examples:

Facebook Like Box

Twitter Profile Widget

YouTube videos

QR Code

Interactive Google Map

Availability Calendar

Photo Gallery with PayPal Payment Buttons

Language Translation Tool

Email a link Email a link Printer friendly Printer friendly