How to Add Documents to your Web Page

This feature is entirely optional, so please read on if you wish to upload documents to your website.

When you upgrade your site with the 'Document galleries' feature, you can add Microsoft Word documents, Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files to your website.

The interesting point about this feature is that we are talking about uploading your original documents; and not versions or copies of your originals. Therefore, the logos, fonts, styling, branding and presentation of your original files is preserved.

Similarly, the security features in your original files are also preserved. For example, if your files are password protected, then they will still be protected with passwords when they are uploaded to your site.

Adding Documents to your Website

Broadly speaking, there are 2 methods:

  1. Create hyperlinks to your uploaded documents.
  2. Create a document gallery.

...let's explore these options in more detail:

Links to Documents

Your website toolkit at makes it easy to create hyperlinks to your uploaded documents. You can either add a simple piece of HTML code (which we can supply), or click the little chain icon and add your links through the menu system. You can add picture links or normal text links; the choice is yours.

The only consideration is that we recommend you open your document links into a new browser window, in order to keep your website user-friendly.

Document Gallery

The simplest way to understand how this works is to look at this real example:

Sports Club Document Gallery

How to Create a Document Gallery

You will be surprised just how quick and easy this is:

  1. Rename your documents on your computer using legal file names (A-Z characters and 0-9 digits, with no spaces or special characters).
  2. Now log into and then click 'Upload' to add the files to your web space, one at a time.
  3. Go to 'Galleries' and change the radio button setting to 'Doc'.
  4. Now click 'Edit' add your gallery items and you will find a simple drop-down menu to select your uploaded files. an option, you can add a picture thumbnail, heading and text description to each gallery item.

How to Use this Feature

The possibilities are endless, but let's just say if you already have a resource of document files and you wish to publish them on your business website or sports site, this is service makes the entire process quick and simple.

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