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Club Procedures

Club Procedures  - December 2005.

Procedures to be followed by all Members.

  • All match and training facilities are to be booked through the Club and in the Club name. Match and training facilities shall be allocated by the Club. A decision on venues (both training and matchday) for each each age group will be decided by a sub-committee consisting of Club Development Manager, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer. 
  • All match day venues are to be shared by all age groups in the event of any team unable to play at their regular venue. 
  • Any Sponsorship should go through the Club. All property secured through Sponsorship, ie; equipment and kit shall belong to the Club. 
  • All Club kit, including matchday jackets, shall be of a uniform type throughout the whole Club. Club home colours are red shirts, away colours are blue shirts. All team kit is the property of the Club, and shall be returned in the event of any member or team leaving the Club. 
  • All Club purchases of kit and equipment are to be ordered through the Club Kit and Equipment Officer ( subject to approval from the Club Development Officer and Treasurer). The Club has the right to refuse any purchase. 
  • All requests for equipment, kit and facilities are to be provided by Team Managers only. 
  • Teams are responsible for looking after equipment, and where practicale, should be shared amongst all age groups. 
  • Team Managers should inform the Club Development Officer of any cancelled training sessions.  
  • All sponsorship money shall be deposited into the Club account and distributed amongst all age groups within the Club. Sponsored events, solely for the benefit of one team, are not permitted without the consent of the Club. 
  • Membership fees for the following season are set at the Club AGM. Any reductions, should be discussed with the Club Treasurer before arranging a reduced fee. 
  • Players will only be eligilble to participate in organised matches upon reciept of a fully completed club registration form. This form should be in the hands of the Club Secretary, along with any relevant League registration forms. Incomplete forms shall be returned to the Team Manager. All forms should be handed to the Club Secretary within the timescale requested. 
  • Any league or County fines for late results or result cards shall be the responsibility of the relevant Manager.Fines for players conduct (bookings, sending off's) shall be the responsibility of the concerned player. Any player / team that accumalates an unacceptable level of disciplinary points against, will be subject to a Club disciplinary meeting. 
  • No team shall represent the Club, or use the Club name for organised events, other than local sunday league's,without the consent of the Club. No adult or junior team are permitted to use the Club name in competitions such as power league ect.  
  • Committeee Members only, are entitled to vote on Club matters.  
  • An up to date record of player details, including emergency contact no's, shall be kept by all Team Managers. 
  • An up to date record of all Managers and Coaches, including contact no's, should be held by the Child Protection Officer. This list should then be copied to the Club Chairman. An up to date record should be available for inspection, at any time, from any governing body or organisation. 
  • The Club ethos and Code of Conduct's are to be followed by all Members. Team Managers, Coaches, Club Officials and Committee Members, are expected to promote and encourage all that the Club promotes. 
  • Any Member, Team Manager / Coach, Club Official or Comittee Member who chooses to disregard any of our policies or codes of conduct, may be subect to the Clubs disciplinary procedures. This could result in removal from Club membership. Any of the above refusing to follow the Club procedures, will be deemed as having resigned from their role and will cease to carry out that role with immediate effect.

A member is defined as;

1. A registered Player

2. Players Parent's / Guardian

3. A club official or committee member.

4. Manager / Coach.

  • The Club disciplinary Commitee shall be made up of Team Managers. This Commitee shall be chaired by either the Club Chairman or Club Secretary. The quorum for a disciplinary meeting shall be six. 
  • Any complaints regarding the officiating, running or incidents during a game, must be dealt with by the Team Manager / Coach. A written report to the relevant League or County Association,shall be sent, via the Club Secretary by any Manager awarding a sporting mark of below five for opposition or Referee. Any incidents not reported to the relevant League or Association, cannot be acted upon by the Club.  
  • Club Managers and Coaches are expected to attend a minimum of two in - service training / workshop events a year.
  • Club Offficials are expected to attend a minimum of one relevant training / workshop event a year.
  • Club Officials are responsible for issuing and distributing any relevent information, forms, flyers ect regarding their role or event.
  • Club officials / Committee Members should, in their absence, provide a written report on their activities for all Club meetings, together with an update on any actions minuted from the previous meeting. Any Official / Committee Member not attending three consecutive meetings, or providing a written report, shall be deemed as resigning from that role.

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